Grand Junction, Colorado, is a land of parks, and we are sure lucky to have them. 43 different parks are located throughout the city. This makes it easy for residents on all sides of town to get a chance to get out and enjoy more than 200 days of sunshine a year.

Have you ever wondered which one of Grand Junction's city parks is the largest? Which ones have restrooms, and which ones have picnic tables? Which ones have a grill on-site you can use for cooking up some lunch? We're about to share it all.

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Which City Park is the Smallest in Grand Junction, Colorado?

According to the city park search at, two parks share the honor of being the tiny park in town. They are Hillcrest Park (off 1st Street) and Williams Park (on 14th Street). Both parks measure up to 0.3 acres of land. Williams Park can be tricky to find as it sits between two rows of houses at the end of a street.

Which Grand Junction City Parks Have Restrooms?

When you got to go, you got to go. The following city parks offer restrooms:

We'll include the amenities at each park in the photo gallery below and the hours for each location.

Tour 33 Grand Junction City Parks Ranked By Size

Grand Junction is a great place to live for folks who love being outside. Scroll on to look at city parks close to home that are the perfect option for enjoying a day outdoors.

An Easy Guide to Grand Junction City Parks Ranked Smallest to Largest

Ready to get out and enjoy some time in the park this year? Grand Junction parks are a great place to enjoy fun outdoors. Many of them have basketball hoops, trails, playground equipment, picnic tables, and restrooms. Scroll on to take a closer look at 33 Grand Junction city parks ranked from smallest to largest by acres (not including skate parks or boat launches).

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