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Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has had their own opinion about it and how to react. Health officials are urging people to use a face mask but some people don't want to and choose not to. Each person has to make their own decision for themselves.

Well as we approached the 4th of July holiday weekend the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, made it very clear that he wanted Coloradans to continue practicing social distancing and wearing face masks to make sure we don't see any spike in cases while people are celebrating.

As we were wrapping up the holiday weekend our Governor took to his Facebook page to further encourage citizens to wear masks to stay healthy and so we can continue to see businesses opening at full capacity.

Just as most online posts from a U.S. Governor this got thousands of reactions, comments, and hundreds of shares. But there was one comment by Brylene Keeton that caught the Governor's attention and he had a hilarious response to her comment.

Jared Polis via Facebook
Jared Polis via Facebook

While I understand not everyone saw the humor in it, I thought it was hilarious to see our Governor clap back at someone who disagreed with him online.

As you would expect there were lots of people that thought the comment was funny, while others thought it was out of line. I'm not trying to get you to agree with our Governor or the comment that he made but I did get a laugh out of it so I thought it was worth letting you know about it.

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