I just can't with this one. Ok look, I'm not the best speller on the planet, in fact, I feel like the older I get the worse I've gotten and I Google plenty of words on a daily basis. But, I have to also admit that I have not contributed to this particular study and am not included in the "geniuses" that did the Googling for this particular word that, according to Google Trends, was Googled more than any other word in 2021 by Coloradans.

That word is..."Colorado". Yeah...our own state. I mean, I know we have a lot of transplants that have made their way here (me included) by c'mon...do a little research before you move here. The only other state that came close to our...silliness when it comes to most googled spelling search was Alabama who's most googled spelling search for 2021 was its neighboring state, "Georgia". That's pretty bad too but still not quite as bad as us here in Colorado.

Seriously though, who are these people? I'll admit it took me a minute or two to figure out the proper term when it comes to describing a "Coloradan." I kept saying "Coloradoan" for the first couple of weeks before I was so kindly corrected and haven't forgotten since.

I find it hard to believe that any true Coloradan doesn't know how to spell their own state. Now, THIS is something we can definitely blame on "those damn transplants", not know how to spell Colorado ... sheesh!

Even being a transplant, at the very least, before you move to a new place, you should take a second to make sure you know how to spell the darn state before you move there.

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