There are some things you simply can't avoid and for most, one of those things is throwing gas into your tank. Because of how much of a necessity it is, finding the lowest gas prices can be very beneficial to your wallet. Luckily, Colorado has 21 counties that are currently below the national average as far as gas prices go.

Gas in the U.S.

The national average for gas prices in the United States is currently $3.3 per gallon for regular unleaded fuel and even though it seems like Colorado can be pretty expensive when it comes to a lot of things, a good portion of the state falls below that price.

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Not Necessarily Comparable to Price of Living

Interestingly, counties that have a notoriously high cost of living such as Boulder, Larimer, and Denver all fall within the 21 counties in Colorado that have average gas prices lower than the national average.

Here are the 21 Colorado counties with gas prices currently below the national average:

Colorado Counties' Gas Prices Below the National Average

As of late, there are 21 counties in Colorado that have gas prices below the national average.

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