How about some great news to start the day? Did you know that we live in one of the best cities in America in 2024? You and I know this, and now the world will know it because Colorado has just landed on Money Magazine's "Best U.S. Cities for 2024."

Money says the towns on their list represent a "blueprint for the future, showcasing affordability, diversity, and overall quality of life." Let's take a look at which Western Colorado town made the list.

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Colorado's Best City 2024

I love it when the world shows our station's hometown of Fruita love. Our hats go off to the folks at Money Magazine for selecting Fruita as one of America's Best Places To Live in 2024. Fruita is the only Colorado city that made this year's list.

Lots To Love About Fruita

Fruita isn't going to stay under the radar much longer. It's a beautiful Western Slope town that is a dream come true for families who love the outdoors. You can enjoy hiking trails for all skill levels, kayaking the Colorado River, mountain biking through the Kokopelli Trail System, and huge music festivals every summer. There's so much to love here.

Why Fruita Makes Money's List

Fruita has a population of just under 14,000 residents and counting according to the U.S. Census. says the median listing price for a home is $467,100, and the U.S. Beauro of Labor and Statistics gives Fruita a low unemployment rating of 2.80%.

Keep going to learn more about the home we love in Mesa County, Colorado. Learn facts about Fruita you didn't know, and check out one of our favorite hikes to the Cowboy Hat Tower below.

MORE: See How Much Fruita's Population Has Grown Over the Years

How big is Fruita, Colorado? Here is a look at how this western Colorado has grown through the years.

Gallery Credit: Zane Mathews

KEEP GOING: Seven Facts You May or May Not Know About Fruita, Colorado

Nestled just west of Grand Junction, Colo., rests the small town of Fruita. First settled by a couple in 1882, it's grown into one of Colorado's best tourist destinations.

LOOK: The Hike to Cowboy Hat Tower in Fruita, Colorado

The Devils Trail System features a number of incredible hikes with unique features along the way. Make your way over to Kodel 1 to find the rock formation known as Cowboy Hat Tower.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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