Can you imagine how cool your Colorado car would look with this awesome new license plate? Well, right now it's only a  candidate. It could, however, be a reality before long.

This amazing dinosaur license plate concept, better known as Senate Bill 23-145, is currently under consideration. Take a look at the design, and you'll undoubtedly consider it "awesome."

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Colorado's Dinosaur License Plate Design

If you grew up in Colorado there's a strong chance you're a dinosaur fan. I grew up in Colorado, and am in no way, shape, or form a dinosaur enthusiast, but even at that, I want this plate right now.

Senate Bill 23-145 refers to a proposed license plate designated the "Protect Colorado's Fossils" plate. According to Fox 31 Denver, the plate is sponsored by Sen. Jessie Danielson, Sen. Lisa Cutter, Rep. Tammy Story, and Rep. Brianna Titone.

Why This Design?

Well, first of all, it's cool. Second, the proposed design will hopefully raise awareness regarding the protection and preservation of dinosaur fossils in Colorado.

If approved, proceeds from the plates will benefit Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado.

Why a Stegasaurus?

This particular design features the stegosaurus, a four-legged, herbivorous, armored dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period. It just so happens the stegosaurus is the official fossil of Colorado.

Depending on the source, the first Stegosaurus fossil may have been found in Morrison, Colorado. The website Natural History Museum reports the first stegosaur ever discovered was unearthed in Swindon, UK, in 1874. It was three years later, in 1877 when Othniel Charles March unearthed Stegosaurus armatus in Colorado.

Jumping Through Hoops

In order for this to happen, the Department of Revenue must designate a nonprofit organization to qualify applicants for the issuance of the license plate. The organization must:

  • Be headquartered in Colorado;
  • Have been in existence for at least 5 years;
  • Be a nonprofit organization;
  • Provide educational services about the science and history of dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, and related paleontology sites in the state;
  • Support the stewardship and preservation of dinosaur fossils, tracks, and other natural resources;
  • Manage land and paleontology sites that are registered as part of a national natural landmark; and
  • Have been conducting preservation, stewardship, and management of dinosaur fossils, dinosaur tracks, paleontology sites, and other natural resources for at least 5 years.

When Will Colorado See These Plates?

If the Governor signs off on this, you can expect to see the plates available by January 1, 2024.

If this all unfolds as it should, you'll be able to obtain one by:

  • making a donation to the organization and paying all required taxes and fees
  • pay the standard motor vehicle fees
  • pay two one-time fees of $25 for the issuance of the plate (one fee goes to the highway users' tax fund and the other to the licensing services cash fund)

This license plate screams Colorado. If all goes according to plan, you'll start to see these with the new year.

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