In a surprising twist, Colorado has again chosen a new favorite dog breed.

We've emphasized "again" because studies have shown that Centennial State residents are fickle when deciding which canines they're crazy about.

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Last year, Google Trends showed that Coloradans preferred the British bulldog, while in February, research revealed that Centennial State-ers favored the Cane Corso.

Considering that Colorado is the second-best state for dog owners in the country, our inability to choose one dog breed does sort of makes sense. So, which is our new pick?

Colorado's new favorite dog breed is...

According to a new report from MyPetChild, Colorado's most up-to-date favorite canine is the French bulldog, a tiny but strong breed that lives up to 12 years.

The website discovered this by analyzing Colorado's Google Keyword history — and found that the Centennial State isn't alone. In fact, the French bulldog is surprisingly the most popular breed in the U.S.

May Gauthier // Unsplash
May Gauthier // Unsplash

"French bulldogs are more prone to health conditions such as Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome; causing the dogs to often pant after slight efforts walking, and generally have difficulty breathing," said a spokesperson for MyPetChild. "Despite this, this breed has won over the hearts of many Americans."

French bulldog affinity aside, Colorado does have a love for two other breeds.

Colorado also digs these dog breeds

MyPetChild reports that Colorado still enjoys the British bulldog, which is now our second-favorite breed.


In third place? The Newfoundland, a giant canine known for its swimming ability and calm personality.

Do you know which breed you want your next furry friend to be? Check out a list of breed-specific shelters in Colorado in the gallery below.

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