There are tons of famous people living in Colorado. We've got celebrities from all over the state, and even our own list for Grand Junction and the western slope.

What about those who have come before us? Colorado is also home to some world-famous gravesites and memorials that help us remember the story of the Centennial State.

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Colorado's Famous Gravesites

The state of Colorado is home to ghost towns, old cemeteries, and tons of unmarked graves that go back to the times of the Ute and Freemont Indians. Colorado is home to the final resting place of military heroes, famous actors and musicians, and even a few famous villains.

Colorado Gunslingers

Kid Curry, Doc Holliday, and Wild Bill Cody are all resting in the ground in Colorado. The state has always been a favorite for the gunslingers of the old West. Colorado has hosted Butch Cassidy, Wyatt Earp, Tom Horn, Jane Kirkham, Jake Slade, and many more characters from the Wild West.

Colorado Memorials

Memorials like the Columbine School Memorial, and the Ouray Memorial Park both serve as places of remembering. We will take a closer look at both places in the photo gallery below, and learn more about their significance in the story of Colorado.

RIP: The Top Ten Most Famous People Buried in Colorado

Colorado has been the home of many famous celebrities over the years. Some of our celebrities are so famous that people still visit their graves decades after they have passed on. Scroll on to see some of the most famous gravesites in the Centennial State, and to find out more about the people who made such a name for themselves here in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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If you are on the hunt for myths and legends the good news is you will not have to go far to find them in Colorado. All four corners of the state are filled with their own local legends and eerie encounters.

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At one time, this area of Colorado was populated by the Ute Indian tribe who told stories and legends to explain things that might not be explainable.

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