A family in Elizabeth, Colorado was happy new homeowners in November 2018 and were looking forward to the spring in their new home.

A lot of snakes.

The couple would see one or two here and there poke their heads up between the slats on their deck. Then pretty soon they started seeing them in the yard. Next thing they knew there were garterhead snakes everywhere, including inside their home.

Fortunately, the family has cats and they were able to corner one in the bedroom, but that was it for the family.

Hiring an exterminator it was found that they had a den of the snakes under their deck, and there were over 150 snakes in it.

Colorado law states concerning disclosures that any material facts about the property must be disclosed with the buyer. The snake issue was not disclosed.

The couple spent over $8,000 on a new deck, new shed and pest control and are hopeful that, once spring arrives, the snakes will be gone.

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