Several natural rock bridges can be found in Mesa County, but seeing them means spending part or all of the day hiking into Rattlesnake Canyon out in the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

Moab, Utah is another popular place to find natural bridges and arches, but you'll have to plan a short road trip and stand in line with the tourists once you get there. What if there was a really cool arch you could just drive right up to? It's in Glade Park.

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Colorado's Ela Natural Bridge in Glade Park

You don't have to hike all the way to the Rattlesnake Arches to enjoy seeing a natural rock bridge for yourself. With a keen eye, you can roll right up next to this natural bridge in your car the next time you visit Miracle Rock or the Potholes.

How Large is Ela Natural Bridge?

- TSM GJ W Adams
- TSM GJ W Adams

The Ela Natural Rock Bridge in Glade Park, Colorado, is about 35 feet high and is about 90 feet across. The bridge blends into the rockface, but it is easier to see when traveling North (back towards GJ) on DS Road. The feature has been a popular place for visitors exploring Glade Park since the 1930s.

Natural rock arch in Glade Park
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Natural Wonders Near By

Ela Natural Arch is just down the road from Miracle rock and the Potholes.
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3 cool natural attractions are waiting to be explored in Glade Park and they are all within a few miles of each other. Find the Ela Natural Bridge along DS Road in Glade Park. A little further down DS Road is the turnoff for the Miracle Rock Recreation Area and the Little Dolores Falls (The Potholes).

Own A Little Piece of Glade Park, Colorado

Love exploring Glade Park, Colorado? Did you know October is your chance to own a little piece of this mountain wilderness? Western Colorado's Enochs Lake is for sale in Glade Park and offers those who love the outdoors a chance to become caretakers of this fun recreation area currently owned by the city of Fruita. Scroll through the photos below for a closer look. See you up in Glade Park.

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