In Colorado marijuana is legal, but in many other states, law enforcement still considers the plant to be dangerous and forbidden.

According to a press release from Camdenton, Missouri, Kenneth A. Lamoreaux, 45, of Greeley, Colorado was arrested on multiple charges following the discovery of more than 130 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

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Marijuana is Illegal in Missouri

An expired out-of-state temporary license plate caught the attention of law enforcement on July 31, 2022. Upon further inspection of the vehicle, a deputy caught a whiff of a very strong odor which he believed to be marijuana.

The deputy told Lamoreaux that he would be conducting a probable cause search and in turn, Lamoreaux informed the officer that he would be finding a large amount of marijuana.

Devil's Lettuce Seized, Colorado Man Arrested

Lamoreaux was arrested and booked into the Camden County Adult Detention Facility with the following slew of charges:

  • Class B Felony of 1st Degree Drug Trafficking,
  • Class D Felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Class D Felony of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
  • Class A Misdemeanor of Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Class D Misdemeanor of Operating a Motor Vehicle of Another Without Insurance

Lamoreaux is being held without bond for his "egregious" crimes and Missouri residents had a lot on their minds about the whole ordeal.

Cannabis Is Just A Plant

Missourans seemed to be annoyed by the arrest and felt that law enforcement should be spending their time solving "real crimes." Hundreds of people sounded off in the comment section of the Camden County MO Sheriff's page.

One person wrote, "How about doing some drug busts that actually kill people!!!! This is a plant!!!"

Another commented, "OMG! That sure would of helped A LOT of CANCER patients."

Yet another person stated, "What a waste of time and manpower."

One of my personal favorite comments reads, "Thank god that deadly plant is no longer on the street!! So many overdose deaths from weed!!! Thots and pears..."

Someone even suggested that a gofundme be created for Lamoreaux. It looks like the people of Missouri are ready for a change, but who knows when they will get it?

Thank goodness the grass is greener (and legal) here in Colorado.

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