Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? For your viewing pleasure, the greatest driving save in Colorado history.

Hydroplane [ˈhīdrəˌplān] VERB - Slide uncontrollably on the wet surface of a road.

The driver wanted to merge onto the right side of a slippery highway and didn't notice the large puddle. What followed was a full circle before recovering and continuing to drive.

I've paid money to attend stunt shows that didn't include feats such as this. Kudos to the driver for the breathtaking save. What does one do in a situation such as this? According to, the proper way to recover from a slide is to:

  • Bear in mind that most hydroplane-related skids last for just a split second before your car regains traction. Waiting it out is the best way to handle the situation.
  • Don’t slam on the brakes or yank the steering wheel, since these actions will cause you to further lose control of the vehicle.
  • Don’t try to accelerate out of the skid; instead, slowly ease up, and wait a moment or to until you regain control before you accelerate again.
  • If you were braking when you entered the skid, ease up on the brake until it's over.
  • If you’re driving a manual transmission car, disengage the clutch as well.
  • Steer in the direction you want the car to go. Maintain a firm grip and carefully point the car in the right direction. This technique is known as "steering into the skid," and it's the best way to get your car back on track after skidding.
  • Never slam on your brakes when you're hydroplaning, since it will make your car do unpredictable things.

Looking at the National Weather Service webpage, Grand Junction can expect rain the next few days, and snow on Sunday and Monday.

Grand Junction Weather Feb 28 edited
National Weather Service - Grand Junction

What do you say we live vicariously through the driver in the video? There's no need for anyone else to experience a hydroplaning situation such as this firsthand. Drive carefully, especially over the upcoming "slippery" weekend.

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