A Colorado woman says that her two dogs scared off a man that was trying to break into her home last week.

The Scene of the Near Home Invasion in Colorado

The incident happened as Hillary Puter returned to her Littleton home after a day at work to find her two dogs, Trixie and Maxie, acting a little bit off. In fact, Puter said that she suspected something was wrong with them as they were "a little bit hyped up."

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It was then that Puter noticed that the back door was open and that snow was blowing into her house. In addition, she noticed footprints in the fresh snow in her yard which was quite troubling. Spooked by this finding, the homeowner suspected that someone may have broken into her house and searched around for anyone that may have been inside that didn't belong there. Luckily, only Trixie and Maxie were in the house.

Would-Be Colorado Home Invader Caught on Camera

Upon finding the door ajar, the fresh footprints, and her two riled-up dogs, Puter went to her security camera footage and found something shocking.

On the cameras were video footage of a man at her back door and, like good dogs, Trixie and Maxie freaking out and barking at him. This apparently was enough to convince the man not to break into Puter's home as he fled the scene after the dogs chased after him.

Good Colorado Dogs

Puter credits Trixie and Maxie's guard dog instincts to their breeds, specifically Trixie's Anatolian Shepard bloodline which, according to Puter, is a dog that is traditionally bred to hunt wolves.

While the security cameras did get footage of the man breaking into Puter's home, it appears that they have yet to identify him.


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