Imagine your dog, if you have one, going missing. How would you react?

A family in Denver went out to celebrate a birthday and left the dog in the yard of a dog sitter. It was cold and it was snowing and it was March, so you wouldn't expect the dog to stray far, even if it did jump a fence.

But when the family returned to look for the dog, she was nowhere to be found.

And she wouldn't be found over the next few days or weeks.

Gone since March 27, the family did everything you can think of, and maybe a few you might not think of, like hiring tracking dogs to find her scent. All to no avail.

A Facebook page featuring her picture, as well as over 500 fliers only resulted in a few near misses. Things took a turn, however, as June rolled around.

The dog, named Winnie, an eight-year-old Australian Shepherd was spotted just a few blocks from her home and within a few days was back with her family! She had lost some weight, and had been gone for two months but was finally back home!

Winnie was a shelter dog when the family took her home. They were looking for a dog and found Winnie.

Winnie did the finding this time around.

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