Where do we draw the line when it comes to our pets?

This video, shot in Denver on Thursday shows a dog sitting in the back of a pickup, covered in snow on a morning that was also quite cold.

The temperature at the time the video was shot was 16 degrees. And with the truck moving, the dog was dealing with a wind chill of zero. Do we need to have our pets with us so much that we risk their lives?

While the breed of dog appears to be a breed hearty enough to handle the cold, dogs do get frostbite, just like people do.  And while legally it's ok to have a dog in the back of your truck, tailgate or no tailgate, doing so in the middle of a snowstorm in zero temperatures borders on animal abuse.

The bottom line, leave the animals at home, inside, where it's warm.

Would you let your spouse or kids ride back there in that kind of weather?

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