It appears as if this weekend in Western Colorado will be a repeat of last weekend, only in reverse order.

For weeks now I've been looking forward to an outdoor concert I was supposed to play up near Cimmaron, Colorado. Unfortunately, it's been called on account of rain. Seriously, just like a baseball game, my concert has been called on account of rain.

Judging by the National Weather Service predictions for the western and southwestern parts of Colorado, we're in for fire, and we're in for rain. Actually, where the weekend is concerned, it's the other way around - rain, then fire.

Almost every community between Grand Junction and Cortez can expect sunny skies Saturday morning, lots of rain Saturday night, and then by Sunday and Monday, fire hazard conditions. Welcome to Colorado.

Here's a quick look at the National Weather Service's reports for five communities in Western Colorado for the weekend of June 13 and 14.

Cimarron, CO

Cimmaron Colorado weather
National Weather Service

Wow, a high of 73 on Saturday with a 20% to 60% chance of rain, followed by a high of 73 on Sunday with a fire hazard warning. Right on.

 Dolores, CO

Dolores Colorado Weather
National Weather Service

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park Colorado weather
National Weather Service

I just visited Mesa Verde National Park. It was, like always, magnificent. While the place looks magnificent, the rain certainly won't hurt.

Silverton, CO

Silverton Colorado weather
National Weather Service

It was only three days ago the residents of Silverton woke up to snow. Saturday brings them a 70% chance of rain. Why wait until Saturday? It looks like the showers will start this evening.

Salida, CO

Salida Colorado weather
National Weather Service

Okay, so I'm getting a little too far east, but I've been keeping my eye on this town. I was really looking forward to attending the awesome Bluegrass festival held in Salida each year. It usually falls about this time of year. Well, even if COVID-19 hadn't shut the festival down, it appears the weather would have.

It appears this weekend is going to be something straight out of a James Taylor song. Speaking as a Western Colorado native, rarely do any of us complain about rain. Yeah, every now and then you get a flash flood, and that can be a real drag. For most people, though, the rain provides much-needed water while clouds give our lawns a break from the sun.

Here's hoping you enjoy the contrasting weather conditions this weekend. If you're traveling through the region, be cautious. I don't have to tell the potential dangers of heavy rain in the mountains. Hopefully, though, this will be the perfect combination of welcome rain and pleasant sunshine.

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