The folks at give it to us straight every year. They wait until right after the holidays are over to tour the largest 150 cities in America to see which ones are the dirtiest.

The latest ranker shows that four different cities in Colorado have made the list of the dirtiest cities in America. Each city on the list was given four scores for the categories of pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction. A score of 1 is given to the worst city in each category. Let's see which places in the Centennial State need to tidy up.

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Colorado's Filthiest Cities: Fort Collins, Colorado

Aerial view of Fort Collins, CO
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Out of the 150 dirtiest cities in America, Fort Collins, Colorado, ranks at #98. Issues with pollution, ozone, and infrastructure have kept this community ranked as part of the top 100 dirtiest cities in America over the past year.

  • Pollution Rank: 67th out of 150
  • Living Conditions Rank: 148 out of 150
  • Infrastructure Rank: 50 out of 150
  • Consumer Satisfaction: 138 out of 150

Colorado's Filthiest Cities: Denver, Colorado

Aerial view of Denver, Colorado
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A little further up the list of the 150 dirtiest cities in America, we find Denver, Colorado sitting at #74. Pollution, low infrastructure scores, and middle-of-the-road consumer satisfaction scores keep the Mile-High city on the list of dirtiest cities once again.

  • Pollution Rank: 44th out of 150
  • Living Conditions Rank: 103
  • Infrastructure Rank: 47
  • Consumer Satisfaction: 71

Colorado's Filthiest Cities: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Aerial view of Colorado Springs.
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While consumer satisfaction and living conditions scores are higher, Colorado Springs received its lowest scores for infrastructure and pollution. Colorado Springs was given an overall rank of the 59th dirtiest city in America.

  • Pollution Rank: 55th out of 150
  • Living Conditions Rank: 134
  • Infrastructure Rank: 40
  • Consumer Satisfaction: 101

Colorado's Filthiest Cities: Aurora, Colorado

Aerial view of Aurora, Colorado
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The city with the worst score in Colorado is the city of Aurora. Given an overall rank as the 39th dirtiest city in America, Aurora received its lowest scores for pollution, and consumer satisfaction, and one of the lowest infrastructure scores of any city on the list of 150.

  • Pollution Rank: 38th out of 150
  • Living Conditions Rank: 110
  • Infrastructure Rank: 4
  • Consumer Satisfaction: 45

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