Yesterday, our Governor for the state of Colorado Jared Polis signed into law a new bipartisan bill SB21-79 which should make it easier for Colorado citizens to purchase meat from local producers. We're getting the details from The Denver Post regarding the new law which will now allow citizens to purchase shares of animals (cattle, pigs, & sheep) before they are butchered.

Another large part of this bill includes letting meat producers and distributors sell their meat without it being required to be inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We all know that these sales already take place here in Colorado but now everything is legal and no one will get in trouble or face legal actions.

Colorado Citizens Lose Their Ability to Sue Meat Producers

If you purchase a half a hog for instance and you are informed by that meat producer that the meat hasn't been inspected by the government if you or your family get sick this bill will not allow you to take legal action against that meat producer.

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The New Deregulation on Local Meat Sales in Colorado Applies to What Meats?

This new bill takes effect immediately and includes the following meats: cattle, calves, sheep, elk, bison, goats, hogs, and rabbits. Fish and mammals aren't included in this new law.

If you've never bought meat from a local producer you are missing out. The meat is often much better tasting than you get within your big box grocery stores, plus you get the satisfaction of helping out your local neighbors.

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