If you are looking for a well-paying job whether full or parttime the Colorado Department of Transportation is hiring. There as many as 100 positions available for snowplow drivers. The Colorado Department of Transportation is trying to stay ahead of what appears to be a very busy winte4r. They need to fill 100 positions not only for snowplow operators but for d road maintenance workers. If you wish to apply and start now they need some workers to start as early as November.

The cities that need help are the Denver metro area,  the Front Range, Western Slope  Crook, Denver, Idaho Springs, La Veta, Leadville, New Raymer, Silverton and Telluride, and a few others. 

The pay looks pretty good anywhere from $18.84 to $24.44 per hour with some offering a housing allowance. If you wish to apply click here and apply with the state of Colorado.