A new bill has been proposed to the state of Colorado that would take the death penalty out of our our legal system.

Denverpost.com reported that Senate Bill 95 claims that the death penalty is a 'failed public policy.' Democrat Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman is the woman behind this movement.

The state of Colorado doesn't come across incidents that would warrant the death penalty that often. In fact, there are only three inmates on death row right now. And the last time the death penalty was enforced was in 1997 when convicted rapist and murderer Gary Lee Davis was subjected to lethal injection.

There has been plenty of debate over Colorado's death penalty issue over the years. People arguing factors such as innocence, humanity, cost and so on.

Senator Guzman admits this will not be an easy task to get this bill passed, but it is a topic always worth discussing.

If this were to go through and wind up on the November ballot, how would you vote?

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