The final months of winter in Colorado can be the hardest part of the season. January, February, and March feature some of the coldest temps and heaviest snows all winter long.

If you are not a fan of cold weather, the last couple of months before the time change can feel like the most miserable time of year. Keep reading to find out when the time change will happen this March.

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When Does Colorado Spring Forward?

Standard time comes to an end on March 10th, 2024. At 2 AM on March 10th, Colorado will spring forward one hour for the change of season and to adjust to more daylight hours. In 2024, the time change will happen a couple of weeks before the spring holidays of Palm Sunday (March 24th), and Easter Sunday (March 31st).

The Drawbacks Of Springing Forward

Losing an hour of sleep is not as easy as gaining an hour in the fall. Following the springtime change, health experts say the risk of heart attack and stroke increases slightly. Studies also show increased traffic accidents following the time change as we all try to get out of bed a little earlier.

Noticing More Daylight Yet?

During January, most of Colorado receives an additional 40 minutes of daylight. By the end of January, the sun is rising over Colorado by 7 am and setting around 5:15 pm, giving us about 10 hours of daylight.

During February, we start to see the sunrise before 7 am. By February 22, Colorado will enjoy around 11 hours of daylight, as the sun sets around 5:45 pm.

When is the first time in 2024 when the sun will set after 6 pm on the Western Slope?

This usually happens the day before the time change. In 2024, March 9 will feature one of the first sunsets after 6 pm. The first sunset following the time change on March 10 will happen just after 7 pm that day.

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