Every time we talk on the radio about which grocery stores we wish we had in Grand Junction we always see people asking for a Costco. They are one of the best-known retailers in the country, and a popular option for grocery shoppers.

The city of Grand Junction is working with Mesa County to see if this is a real possibility. This story was discussed at length in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinal earlier this week.

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Will Grand Junction Be Getting a Costco Store?

The short answer is "maybe". Grand Junction's city council reached a unanimous vote earlier this week to allow a pathway for funding that could be used to make improvments to a proposed 29-acre lot at I-70 and 24 Road near Canyon View Park. Do you think this is a good site for a possible grocery store? Would you like to see it built somewhere else in the Grand Valley?

Infrastructure Improvements Pending

For improvments to be made at the desired site, the development would need to be designated as a metropolitan district. A plan including the sale of municipal bonds would fund the improvments needed to get a store like Costco at the site. Some of the improvments would include a road through the 29-acre lot and the addition of a detention pond.

Costco Has Considered Grand Junction Before

Developer Mark Goldberg told the Grand Junction Sentinel that the same retailer considered the same site about ten years ago. Perhaps things will work out the second time around? If the area can get the metropolitan district designation, it would issue bonds to be repaid by sales tax from the development. Goldberg said the developer (Costco) is one of the best producers of sales tax dollars out of one facility.

It's estimated that the new store could bring as many as 275 new jobs to Grand Junction.

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