Is anybody else sweating right now?

It is simply too hot in Northern Colorado at the moment. Of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy the sunshine, but to be honest with you, when temperatures reach over 85 degrees I opt for indoor activities.

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I find that I am generally uncomfortable outside when temperatures reach over 90 degrees. Plus I burn extremely easily.

I prefer to avoid that.

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I prefer finding a place indoors during extreme temperatures, but others prefer finding a body of water.

Air Conditioning in Colorado

Sitting at a Desk

Many of us find other locations to beat the heat because they do not have central air conditioning. I have a box air conditioner, but it does not cool down my entire home.

Some of us are innovative with fans. When I was a kid, my mom would take empty 2-liter bottles, freeze them, and place them in front of fans.

Feel free to use that life hack.

One Fun Idea in Northern Colorado

An indoor golf simulator just opened in Loveland. It is called TeeShots and it looks pretty epic. There are over 300 courses on the simulator and it beats heading out to the golf course when it is boiling outside.

You can learn more about TeeShots here.

Before we get to the official list, here are some photos our good friend Dave took of the new indoor hot spot.

Indoor Golf Simulator in Loveland

You cannot golf year-round in Colorado; that's where great indoor golf simulator establishments come in.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

Best Options For Beating the Heat in Northern Colorado

Yeah, Dave, love you buddy but you do need to work on that golf swing.

There are plenty of other options for places you can cool down in Northern Colorado. Some are indoors and some are outdoors. Either way, these are great places to have fun and cool down at the same time.

8 Places To Beat the Heat in Northern Colorado

Can't cool down? Try leaving the house and enjoy what Northern Colorado has to offer.

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

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