Colorado loves its breakfast burritos, and just in time for 2024, Wendy's has a new morning craving that we want to hook you up with.

To win a Wendy's Breakfast Burrito, download our station app to your phone. We'll send out breakfast alerts during weekday mornings, allowing you to call in and win that day's breakfast prize.

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The New Breakfast Burrito at Wendy's

The new breakfast burrito is everything you already love about breakfast, just made better. The Wendy's breakfast burrito includes SIX strips of bacon, two fresh cracked eggs, cheese, cheese sauce, and seasoned potatoes, all in a flour tortilla.

The Wendy's Breakfast Prize Box

Wendy's Breakfast Burrito Box
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The Wendy's Breakfast Burrito Box includes a gift card that lets you try the new breakfast burrito meal and a beverage. The prize pack comes with an ultra-comfy burrito blanket so you can sit on your couch and remember how warm and snuggly your breakfast was for months to come.

Tap The KEKB App To Win

Watch our station app during the morning show from 6 to 10 on weekday mornings. When the alert arrives on your app, tap it to dial the studio. Our 10th caller will win the breakfast burrito prize box. Good luck!

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