"Attention shoppers" is still an announcement you hear in some Colorado department stores and Grand Junction supermarkets from time to time. This statement is usually followed by information about a sale or special price that is offered for a limited time.

Sometimes emergency announcements need to be made on the store intercom for the safety of shoppers inside. It's important to be familiar with these coded announcements so you know what to do if you hear one. Do you know the code that represents a dangerous situation in a store?

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A Guide For Color Codes In Stores

Many stores use a color-coded system for important announcements. These coded announcements have a range of meanings from an injury in the store to a weather-related emergency or worse. An interesting thread on the website Quora spells out what many of these codes mean at a store like Walmart.

  • Code Black: Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Code White: Injury On-Site
  • Code Brown: An Act of Violence
  • Code Green: Hostage Situation
  • Code Blue: A Bomb Threat
  • Code Red: A Fire
  • Code Orange: Chemical Hazard
  • Code Adam: Lost Child

What Does A 'Code Brown' Stand For In A Store?

No messing around here. If you are shopping in a store and you hear an announcement for a "Code Bown", an employee is trying to communicate that an act of violence is taking place in the store. It won't always mean a shooting, but it does mean you want to get out of there until the conflict is over. Walk do not run. Remain calm and do not start a panic.

Less Serious Codes

We've all heard something like "clean-up needed in aisle 6". BrokenSecrets.com says color codes are not the only codes you may hear when shopping in a Walmart or someplace similar. Lots of stores have their own way of calling cashiers to the front and a variety of announcements. Some are numeric.

  • Code 1: A shoplifter
  • Code 10: Wet Spill Cleanup
  • Code 20: Dry Spill Cleanup
  • Code 50: Bring In Shopping Carts

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