Colorado is an amazing place for enjoying nature and the outdoors. Some folks like to take it a step further by enjoying nudity in the great outdoors.

If your looking for places that allow you to take it all off, look no further. We're checking out seven locations in the Centennial State that offer clothing-optional activities.

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Is Nudity Allowed in Colorado?

Colorado's Indecent Exposure Law makes public nudity illegal in our state. Exposure is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Colorado, and if convicted you could face fines and jail time. Your best bet for taking it all off without consequences would be to visit one of several places in Colorado that allows for clothing-optional activities like soaking and swimming in a pool or hot spring or taking the next step by visiting a clothing-optional resort in Colorado.

How Many Hot Springs in Colorado Are Clothing Optional?

Today we are looking at seven locations that allow guests to go clothing-optional. With over 90 thermal hot springs in Colorado, 7 does seem like a small number. While some hot springs may offer clothing-optional hours from time to time, the locations below hang their hat on their clothing-free option. Keep going to find out where they are.

Is Colorado Home to an All-Nude Resort?

Mountain Air Ranch has been known as Colorado's nudist resort for several decades. While they call themselves a family-friendly resort, the FAQ section on their website might make you blush. Just wait for question 11 found here. While some guests choose to dress for meals or other activities, Mountain Air Ranch does not allow clothing to be worn in the pool, sauna, or hot tub.

Scroll on to find 7 places that allow you to strip it down in Colorado even during the winter months.

Birthday Suit: Check Out 7 Places in Colorado That Allow Nudity

Colorado is home to 93 different thermal hot springs. These locations are scattered all over the state and offer a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery. A handful of these locations even allow nudity. Keep going to learn which locations allow clothing-optional visits in Colorado.

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