No sooner did we get finished with talking about household chores we would rather never do again in Colorado, the calendar has reached November 15th.

It's National Clean Out the Refrigerator Day in Grand Junction and the rest of the world. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we've reached that important date scheduled right in front of one of the biggest food holidays of the year.

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National Clean Out the Refrigerator Day

By the time Thanksgiving gets here, you'll be needing space in the fridge. If you are having relatives over, you don't want anyone finding old or expired food in your kitchen. This is probably how National Clean Out the Refrigerator Day got started to begin with.

We asked you what is the oldest thing in your refrigerator right now? As we all get ready to clean up before Thanksgiving, scroll through the photos in the gallery to find out what the oldest thing we all had in our fridge was before we got to work cleaning it out. To add your answer simply hit the app chat feature on our free station app.

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It's National Clean Out the Refrigerator Day so we asked what is the oldest item in your fridge right now?

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