What are some things in life that make people in Colorado curse? A near miss in traffic, a Broncos loss, when it starts to snow on your campsite? Sometimes a curse is used in celebratory fashion like, "holy #$it" when a football team scores during the game's final play. Oops, I already mentioned a Broncos loss.

Keep going for some go-to phrases Fruita/Grand Junction told us about that you can adopt the next time you want to say a bad word but can't (or shouldn't).

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Not Swearing Is Way Funnier

I find it's way harder not to laugh when someone rattles off a chain of non-swear words instead of curse words. In the gallery below, some mentioned that their go-to word was something a parent or loved one often said for years. Tap "Chat" to share yours with us via the app.

Places You Should Not Curse

Believe it or not, a few places in America have anti-swearing laws. This allows an offended person to report your potty mouth, which could result in a Class 3 misdemeanor. States such as Alabama, Virginia, and North and South Carolina observe profanity laws.

In Colorado, the ruling on offensive utterances is governed by the state's disorderly conduct laws. 

New Favorites I'll Try This Weekend

So shout out to Chris, who said that instead of speaking the phrase for WTF, he says, "Welcome to Fruita." I feel like this could make you a few bucks as a t-shirt, buddy. That's hilarious. Scroll through the gallery below to find even more fun phrases.

Colorado Shares 34 Fun Phrases You Can Use Instead of Cursing

We love questions that offer silly answers. We asked you to tell us your go-to phrase during challenging situations when you can't curse. People are still adding answers to the original thread even now. We would love to hear the things you say when you can't use harsh language. Keep going for some go-to phrases you can adopt the next time you want to say a bad word.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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