It goes without saying that Colorado is home to some of the most stunning examples of natural beauty in the world. However, in the past, it was much more difficult to obtain documentation of some of these places.

Many of these places high in the Colorado mountains are very difficult or impossible to get to on foot, and visiting them to graph photos or video via helicopter or plane back before the massive improvements in technology in the 21st century was a daunting task, to say the least.

Today, we are so fortunate to have the tools to capture amazing photography of these natural wonders, and all we have to do to get to it is get close enough for a drone to be within flying distance.

One of these amazing natural wonders is located outside of Gunnison, Colorado, and is known as the Castles of Mill Creek.

Colorado's Natural Beauty: The Castles of Mill Creek

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The Castles of Mill Creek are spectacular rock formations that extend past the timberline way up in western Colorado's high country outside of Gunnison.

While the hike up to the Castles is absolutely stunning, it takes quite a while and is not for beginners, by any means.

However, a YouTuber by the name of Charles Kieser did us all a huge favor and traveled to this location (along with Oggy the Doggy,) and captured some of the most amazing drone footage you may have ever seen.

Keep scrolling to check out a virtual drone tour of Colorado's beautiful Castles of Mill Creek:

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