One man learned a hard lesson after he left the state of Colorado with cannabis products.

According to a report from KITV, a South Dakota teacher, Michael Koranda of Tabor,46, was recently arrested after a serious mix-up led to his fresh-baked pot brownies being distributed at a senior center.

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Spending the New Year's Weekend in Colorado

Apparently, Koranda had just spent the new year's weekend in Colorado. I would agree that visiting Colorado is the best way to start the new year off, but what he did outside of the state is the issue.

Marijuana Laws Outside of Colorado

Sadly not every state in the country is as 4/20 friendly as Colorado is. It was only a few years ago that Colorado made history by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, and not every state can be that cool.

Marijuana is still federally illegal, so that means taking it across state lines is a big no-no.

Before you leave the state you should always properly dispose of any leftover cannabis products.

Homemade Pot Brownies

Koranda however, did not dispose of his marijuana products before leaving. Instead, he brought a pound of THC butter back home to South Dakota.

Mind you, South Dakota has not legalized recreational marijuana!

Koranda decided to whip a batch of pot brownies and then head to bed.

Unfortunately for him, his mother discovered the brownies and thought they would be the perfect treat to take to her card game at the Senior Center.

Dosed At The Senior Center

I'm guessing the brownies were originally a hit because just a short while later the Bon Homme County dispatch center received a flood of calls relating to a possible poisoning issue at the Senior Center.

After a short investigation, the responding deputy concluded that those who partook in the brownies were actually under the influence of THC, and had been mistakenly dosed.

Facing the Music

The Sheriff and a South Dakota deputy paid Koranda a visit at his job, where he admitted that he had brought back a pound of THC butter.

Koranda further explained that he actually used half a pound of butter in that batch of brownies.

Koranda forfeited the rest of the THC butter and was subsequently arrested. He has since bonded out, but he's still facing charges and is scheduled to appear in court on January 25.

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