Ahoy. Summer heat in Colorado means you need to have a few different options for cooling off. Lucky for us, Grand Junction has its very own bumper boat bay.

Battling your friends on the high seas with the ability to splash/ram them, while also soaking them with the attached squirt gun is a pretty great way to spend a day. Where can you be the captain of a bumper boat in Colorado? Scroll on to discover the best places to find bumper boats in the Centennial State.

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Are Bumper Boats For Everyone?

They are not. Different establishments have different age requirements for driving a bumper boat in Colorado. In some places the minimum age requirement is 8, at other businesses it is 18 so be sure to double-check before selecting your bumper boat destination. In addition to an age regulation, most bumper boats require all passengers to be at least 44 inches tall.

How Much Do Bumper Boats Cost in Colorado?

The bumper boats in the photo gallery below are $10 or less for a driver's pass. Some locations also offer a passenger pass at a reduced rate. If you would rather work the water Uzi instead of driving the boat you might as well save a few bucks.

Bumper Boats On Ice

Ok, what about bumper boats during the winter months? Colorado is home to two locations that actually let you ride bumper boats on ice. That's right, Ice Bumper Boats. They are seasonal, but we will show you where to find them in the gallery below.

Scroll on to check out six fun places still offering a great bumper boat experience this summer in Colorado.

Six Places in Colorado to Enjoy Bumper Boats this Summer

Get out on the water this summer and cool off in a Colorado bumper boat. You'll find six locations across the state ready for action this summer, and even one location offering ice bumper boats all winter. Let's do this.

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