The bill, HB19-1032, would require all schools in Colorado to teach comprehensive sex education or nothing.

A law passed in 2013 required all public schools to teach all aspects of sexual education, including other ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Charter type schools and some rural schools voted to "opt out" of that decision.

The bill states, in part,  that classes would need to have the following:

medically accurate information about all preventive methods to avoid unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS" and be taught in a way that students are "empowered to decide for themselves which preventative methods are best suited for their individuals needs, beliefs and values

Also included in the bill specific language that prohibits schools from teaching only abstinence as the preferred birth control method as that is inconsistent and not comprehensive.

Further, lessons on human sexuality are not to be discussed from any religious standpoint, cannot use any shame-based instruction concerning sexual preference nor exclude discussions on lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people.

Conservatives and Christians are concerned that the bill would teach lessons that are opposite of those being taught from religious standpoints.

The bill had its first hearing on Wednesday.

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