Colorado mans claims to have photographic proof of Bigfoot here in Colorado.

According to this story I ran across from, Michael Johnson has stated he has had several encounters with Bigfoots (or is it Bigfeet?) He and his wife live in Colorado, about an hour southwest of Denver, in Bailey.

Now, I enjoy the Bigfoot sighting stories as much as anyone, heck probably even more. The Patterson film, that is referenced in this story, blew my mind when I first saw it as a kid. It is still a pretty powerful piece of film.

Now, the debate begins. They are faked. Nothing more than humans in a Sasquatch suit. No one has captured one. No bones or remains have ever been discovered.

On the other hand, those pro-Yeti observers state that these beasts do not come out much. They hibernate for long, extended periods of time. That's why there are so few sightings. These animals are super smart and they go through an extensive mourning process. That's why no remains will be found. The Sasquatch do not leave their passed on members out in the open.

Personally, would not be surprised if there was some of these creatures out there. Why not?





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