Over the past couple of years, Colorado has seen a reduction in the number of big box stores open for business across our state. As our economy continues to struggle, large retailers are scaling back on the number of stores in operation, and that trend will continue in 2024.

While Colorado is still a state with lots of retail options, we can expect to see additional locations close underperforming stores this year. Keep reading to see the list of twenty businesses that are expected to continue to close locations this year.

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A Reminder To Shop Local

Shopping locally in Western Colorado is one of the best things you can do to keep stores open in and around Grand Junction. If big box brands like Walmart, CVS, and Target struggle to keep stores from closing, imagine what the small local business owners must be going through.

You Can Still Shop Online

Did someone in your family love shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond? After they filed for bankruptcy, America lost more than 350 stores. After the announcement, Bed Bath and Beyond was then purchased by Overstock. Today, most of their inventory is available online even though their brick-and-mortar stores are gone. Many businesses in the photo gallery below are expanding what they offer online.

Which Big Brands Are Closing Stores?

Let's zoom in on a list of big brand businesses to watch from Finance Buzz. These big brands are still closing locations in 2024, and by reviewing this list you can prepare for the changes that are likely coming later in the year to some of Colorado's big box locations.

Hey Colorado: 20 Big Brands Are Closing Stores in 2024

Some of the nation's largest big box retailers continue to see tough times ahead for our economy and are cutting costs, along with several stores. See which big box retailers are likely to continue to close locations in Colorado in 2024.

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Yikes! 11 Items Not to Buy at Walmart Stores in Colorado

How many times per week do you visit your local Walmart store? It can be pretty convenient to run in for a gallon of milk, or to stop at the pharmacy, but when was the last time you did a little price checking at your local box store? Let's take a look at ten items recently listed by 247WallSt.com.

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MORE: 17 Items You Should Never Buy at A Colorado Dollar Store

Dollar Stores or stores that sell things for just a couple of bucks are a quick and easy way to avoid a larger and overcrowded store or to pick up a quick item or two. Did you know there are several items that you are often better off buying elsewhere? Here are seventeen items to avoid buying at dollar stores.

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