It's lunchtime and we're hungry for a great burger. Where should we go in Grand Junction, Fruita, or Palisade?

We're looking for the best places for burgers so if your favorite is a chain then say it loud and proud below. If your favorite place is a local eatery, even better!

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It's Burger Time in Grand Junction

With more than 30 restaurants in downtown Grand Junction alone, it's a good bet that you are within walking distance of a local establishment ready to impress you with their burger creations.

See Which Restaurant Got the Most Mentions for Great Burgers

If you live in Grand Junction you have probably heard Jimmyz burgers get mentioned over on 12th Street. These guys are amazing. I'm telling you right now to go try the BBQ burger. The sauce is great and it even comes with a giant onion ring on the burger. You can even get a cold beer with your favorite burger and watch the game.
Over in Fruita, it was Munchies that actually got more mentions than any other establishment in the Grand Valley. Go Munchies!

Tell Us Who You Thing Has the Best Burger or Double Cheeseburger Below

The best part about the search for the best burger is that every answer is a good one. Spread the word and help drive some business through the doors of one of your favorite establishments.

Who Makes the Best Cheeseburgers in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Who makes the best cheeseburger or double cheeseburger in Western Colorado? It's burger time as we roll through Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade looking for the best places for burgers. Do you have a favorite location you want to recommend? Tell us about it below:

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