Colorado is a great state for BBQ. The folks at agree as well. They just published a list of the best BBQ restaurants in every state.

Just 1 plate of BBQ is never enough so we're going to see who Love Food picked as the best BBQ restaurant in the Centennial State, and then we are going to show you nine more amazing restaurants that we believe are equally as good.

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Voted Best BBQ in Colorado

Love has selected the folks at Georgia Boy BBQ as the best restaurant in the state for barbeque. Georgia Boy BBQ has locations in Longmont, Greeley, and Fredrick.

Georgia Boy BBQ features buffalo ribs with blackberry BBQ sauce. Georgia Boy BBQ is famous for brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, smoked turkey, and chopped chicken. Try the brisket fries with melted jack, Texas toast, or the sweet potato casserole.

What About Western Colorado

We knew a national publication like Love Food would select a Front Range restaurant and that's just fine. However, BBQ is blowing up all over the western slope, and we still have several great places to eat to share with you below in Grand Junction, Fruita, Delta, and Montrose. Keep going to check out all 10 locations in the foody photo gallery below.

Share Your Favorite

There's nothing wrong with having too many BBQ choices. We want to add to the list below by including some of your favorite restaurants as well. Who makes some amazing BBQs in Colorado? Open our station app and tell us about your favorite BBQ restaurants. What do you love to eat there? Why is it so good? What do they have for dessert?

Keep going to find out more about Georgia Boys BBQ and nine other great places to eat in Colorado.

10 of Colorado's Best BBQ Restaurants You Need To Try

We hope you're hungry. Check out ten of the best places for BBQ in Colorado. One of these locations was just voted the best BBQ in the state by To keep the celebration going, we included nine additional locations to keep you eating BBQ all week long.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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