Bank robberies in Colorado are very real, and with almost 200 robberies in our state alone in 2021, that puts us at the very top of the FBI's list nationwide.

Most Bank Robberies In The Nation Happened In Colorado In 2021

Maybe I'm just too naive, or just grew up in parts of town where this kind of stuff never happens, but either way, I've been sheltered somehow from believing that bank robberies were a real thing. I mean, obviously, I know that they happen, but in my mind, that stuff was mostly for the movies. With all of the new high-tech security, silent alarm technology, etc., how are we seeing up to 200 bank robberies in Colorado alone in a single year? This statistic is completely insane.

In the entire year 2021, Colorado ranked number 1 for bank robberies in the entire country. It's being reported that Colorado banks were robbed 195 times last year. It's a huge jump from 2020 when the average was closer to 100. One particular Chase Bank in Denver was robbed four times in 2021. FOUR. After two you think they'd bulk up on security but after four separate occasions at one location, that doesn't appear to be the case.

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Clearly after these last two years, specifically 2020, people are struggling and a lot of folks have fallen on hard times. When that stuff happens, you get desperate and talk yourself into doing crazy things, like robbing a bank. The sad part is, well sadder than being in that position in the first place, is that the majority of these robbers only ended up walking away with a  few hundred dollars, sometimes closer to a grand.

A lot of tellers only have a little bit of money in their draws for reasons just like this. Robbers don't seem as likely to move from teller to teller to empty all the drawers, as they try and keep it quiet and low-key.

The goal isn't to walk in and make a scene, they slide the teller a note, "don't make any sudden moves or trigger an alarm, give me your money and you won't get hurt," get the little cash in their drawer and quickly exit to their getaway vehicle. Way less dramatic than we see in the movies, but still very effective as of close to 50% of these robbers goes unapprehended. 

If you're in the banking business, or cash sales in general, be safe out there, Colorado robberies are on the rise.

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