Nobody wants to start the year off in Colorado with a speeding ticket. Yet, the end of December and the beginning of January are a time of year when extra sets of eyes are out watching the roads for speeders and reckless drivers.

We're checking out eleven reminders that will help Colorado drivers avoid speeding tickets in the new year ahead.

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Accidental Speeders Vs. Intentional Speeders

Were you speeding on purpose or by accident? Most instances of speeding in Colorado are due to motorists not paying attention to the posted speed limit. Distractions from a variety of sources may keep you from noticing a reduction in the posted speed. Before you know it, you're being pulled over.

Intentional speeders are motorists who don't care what the posted speed is. These leadfoots are often unaware of the posted speed limit from point a to point b.

Consequences of Speeding in Colorado

In Colorado, a Class A Infraction for speeding comes with a fine of between $30 - $200. A Class A also includes a surcharge of up to $32. Even worse is a Class 2 Misdemeanor can cost drivers between $150 to $300 and could include anywhere from 10 to 90 days in prison.

The Easiest Way To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

The easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket in the Centennial State is to know the posted speed and obey it as you drive. Lots of GPS apps will help you to keep track of posted speeds in residential areas, on the highways, and even through construction zones to help you keep track.

Look at the eleven suggestions below to help you avoid a speeding ticket in Colorado.

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