Imagine you get up to have your first cup of coffee of the day and notice a bat on your balcony screen.

That's what is happening to a family of seven in Denver and no one seems capable, or willing, to do anything about it.

Trevor Allen and his family are living in an apartment in Aurora and had noticed the guano building up and came out one morning to find a bat hanging off of his screen. But it's not just one bat, as there seems to be a colony of bats living in the roof of his balcony!

He called the landlord of the place, who said it's not an issue they deal with, and to call the health department. Calling the health department led him to animal control, which said they don't handle bat issues.

So then, who would be responsible for ridding the apartment of this nasty thing? The family includes five children, none over the age of 11.

Having found out just today that one of the bats has died and is starting to rot only makes the situation worse.

What would you do?

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