The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is investigating Colorado-based animal rights groups after their members walked off a farm with contraband chickens last Sunday. The group Denver Baby Animal Save and Direct Action Everywhere Colorado went live via Facebook to claim responsibility.

According to the Coloradoan, four people asked to hold chickens at the Berthoud farm on Sunday. Witnesses say they then tucked the birds under their arms and walked off the farm. Some 40 animal rights activists waited nearby.

The stolen livestock includes:

  • 1 rooster
  • 2 hens

Activists from the group sent out a Facebook Live video following the "rescue."

The day following the chicken theft, the video had been viewed more than 50,000 times.

The Coloradoan reports Kristin Ramey, owner of Long Shadow Farm, said "They walked right onto my property and grabbed the birds. I don't feel safe."

Why this particular farm? One of the animal rights activists involved, Aidan Cook, says Long Shadow Farm was targeted because it claims to be a farm where animals are treated humanely. Cook adds, "We seek out places that are selling what we call the 'humane myth' or 'humane lie.'"

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is investigating several felony allegations. Sheriff's Office spokesperson David Moore says the list of allegations includes:

  • theft of livestock
  • attempted theft of livestock
  • trespassing

According to Cook, the entire motive behind the group's actions was to stir up a strong public reaction. Cook added, "The goal is to have that conversation started."

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