Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Las Animas County, Colorado, you'll find a golden opportunity to own not just one, but two 40-acre parcels of land that promise a life of tranquility and natural beauty.

The price is certainly right at an asking price of $30,000. If you've been searching for the right opportunity to become a Colorado land baron, this might be the very chance you've been waiting for.

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80 Acres of Land in Rural, Colorado

Situated just off County Road 209 and County Road 82, these parcels boast partially fenced boundaries and showcase scattered tree cover, providing an idyllic setting for those seeking a slice of rural paradise.

The allure of these parcels lies in the expansive scenic views that surround them. Rolling hills adorned with pinon pine and native grasses offer a multitude of possibilities, whether it's camping under the star-lit sky, constructing your dream home, or simply relaxing in the peace and quiet that comes with being surrounded by nature.

Some of It is Fenced, Some... Not So Much

The 'North 40' parcel is fenced on three sides, featuring scattered tree cover, while the 'South 40' has eastern-side fencing and a more diverse elevation with heavy tree cover.

The Necessities of Life

According to the listing at, nature enthusiasts will find themselves enchanted by the higher peaks and hills in all directions, providing breathtaking backdrops for any outdoor activity. Seasonal Johnny Creek, just to the west, adds a touch of serenity. Adding to the allure, power is available just a few yards away to the northeast.

For those concerned about water accessibility, nearby water well depths range from 135 to 400 feet deep, ensuring a sustainable and reliable water source.

Something For The Hunters

The location, in Colorado Hunting Unit GMU #137, presents great opportunities for hunting deer, antelope, and the occasional elk – making it an ideal haven for outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike.

Putting This Into Perspective

Land costs money, and $30K is a chunk of change. However, you are looking at a total of 80 acres here. Right now in Colorado, $30K won't even put a dent in buying a trailer house on a 1/8 acre lot in your friendly neighborhood trailer park.

Take a look at the luxury suite pictured below. This hotel room in Midtown Manhattan, roughly six feet wide, will run you $550 a night (or at least that's what I paid for it). Suddenly, $30,000 to own 80 acres of remarkable Colorado land, property you could own for generations, doesn't seem unreasonable.

hotel room Manhattan New York
Waylon Jordan

Why Own Land In Colorado?

Priced to sell, this acreage is a rare gem that won't stay on the market for long. Owning land is not just about immediate benefits; it's an investment in the future. Land is a tangible and usable long-term asset that has limited supply. You've heard it said before, "They aren't making any more land."

APXN Property reports that historical trends have shown that land values appreciate over time, making it not only a wise investment but also a legacy to pass down through generations.

It's essential to recognize that the value of land transcends the current trends in the real estate market. Unlike other investments such as stocks and commodities, there's an enduring demand for land. The inherent scarcity of land, coupled with its tangible nature, makes it a resilient investment option.

This piece of land in Las Animas County, Colorado, offers more than just a parcel; it offers opportunities, lots of them. This property represents a chance to embrace the beauty of nature, invest in a tangible asset with long-term appreciation, and create a haven for generations to come. Act now, at an asking price of $30,000, this chance to own a piece of Colorado's stunning landscapes won't last forever.

Live The Dream With 80 Acres of Land in Colorado for $30K

Have you ever dreamed of being a land baron? Imagine owning 80 acres of land in Las Animas County, Colorado. Enjoy beautiful peaks in every direction. Power is just a few yards away. If hunting is your thing, you'll love great opportunities for deer and antelope, maybe even the occasional elk.

To top it off, this land is available right now for just $30,000. Take a quick tour.

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