With a name like the "Mile High" city, Denver is where one would expect to find some of the tallest buildings in Colorado. Which building in downtown Denver is the largest in the state?

We're headed to downtown Denver to check out 25 of the tallest buildings in Colorado.

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Which One Of Colorado's Tall Buildings Is The Oldest?

Denver, Colorado, is home to 52 completed tall buildings that all reach a height of 300 feet or more. Additional buildings taller than 300 feet are currently under construction.

The oldest structures in Denver that reach the 300-foot mark include the Daniels and Fisher Tower, built in 1910. until 1914, Daniels and Fisher Tower was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Colorado's Plaza Tower Number 2 was built in 1957 and reaches 385 feet. Brooks Tower in downtown Denver reaches 434 feet and was completed in 1968.

Denver's Most Recent Addition

Denver's most recent addition to its impressive skyline is the Block 162 building, completed back in 2021. Block 162 stands at 460 feet and features a tower for businesses and a sister tower which includes a hotel.

The Tallest Building in Colorado

The title of tallest building in Colorado goes to Denver's Republic Plaza, completed in 1984. Republic Plaza stands at 714 feet with 56 floors. Republic Plaza is still the tallest building in all of the Mountain West states from the Canadian border down to Mexico.

Keep going to see the top 25 tallest buildings in Colorado and find out how tall each one is.

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