Colorado and 21 other states are planning to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over Obaba era rollbacks concerning power plants and climate change.

The effort comes on the heels of the EPA announcing its efforts to rollback coal-burning plant restrictions. Allowing more coal-burning plants to operate can increase, not reduce greenhouse gases and ignores the Clean-Air Act.

The changes in the rule make good on a promise made by the Trump administration to bring back the nation's coal industry. The Colorado Attorney General released this statement on the announcement, saying it:

"demonstrates a failure of the agency to uphold its legal duty to regulate air pollutants when they pose a risk to public health," and added a quote from Attorney General Phil Weiser, saying, "Protecting our land, air, and water is a top priority for the Attorney General’s Office. "

The showdown will determine whether or not individual states have the right to choose its own energy sources, especially those with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

This one bears watching.

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