Not everyone can grow up to be a NASCAR driver, but almost anyone can have fun pretending to be one in a Go-Kart. With a backdrop like the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is a great place for outdoor tracks. If you want to race indoors, we got that too.

The best part about Go-Karts in Colorado is that there are options for all ages. Many are kid-friendly, while others operate at top speeds that are meant for grown-ups. Keep going to check out seventeen of the best options for Go-Kart fun in the Centennial State.

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Kid-Friendly Go-Karts in Colorado

If a Go-Kart track requires special equipment, they are likely a serious track for thrill-seekers. Tracks that welcome all riders without any equipment requirments are usually meant for all ages and are usually more affordable than some of the serious high-speed tracks.

Go-Karts For Grown-Ups in Colorado

If you loved Go-Karts as a kid you will probably love them as an adult. If you want to get serious about higher speeds there are tracks that specialize in teaching you. Places like Grand Junction's Motor Speedway offer a chance to go to racing school, while Unser Karting offers speeds for more experienced kart racers.

Always Ride With A Helmet

Most of Colorado's Go-Kart tracks offer a mix of races for both kids and adults. Several of the tracks featured in the gallery below are open year-round. Colorado's Go-Kart tracks provide helmets. Never ride without a helmet. Start your engines and get ready to have some fun getting in touch with your inner race car driver.

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