What's it like living in Colorado? It's beautiful. It's also pretty expensive. What things should people consider before moving to Colorado? We turned this question over to you on our station app.

What are some things people just have to accept when moving to Colorado? Keep going to check out what listeners had to say about the things new residents will just have to accept about life in Grand Junction and elsewhere in the state.

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Altitude and the Outdoors in Colorado

Life is better with a Mountain view and a lot of people head to Colorado simply to be able to enjoy the outdoors. This is as good a reason as any to live here. One of the first things you'll need to learn is exactly what the phrase "leave no trace" means.

Politics in Colorado

Something else we saw several comments on is the political climate in the state. Many still believe the state is divided by the Continental Divide itself into two halves. Denver and the Front Range lean more liberal, and then there is the more conservative Western Slope. While this generalization may be accurate in some areas, you'll find just as many people have lost their minds on both sides of the state.

Weather in Colorado

Some states get to benefit from being able to see all four seasons in one day and Colorado is one of them. Just when you think you can predict the weather it takes you to school in some way you didn't expect. Welcome to Colorado. Let the love/hate relationship with snow/winter begin.

12 Things You Absolutely Must Accept If You Move to Colorado

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