Grand Junction, Colorado's historic district is loaded with houses that have been here for a very long time. Have you ever driven down Ute Avenue, Main Street, or maybe Grand Avenue and suddenly noticed a really old home with a brand new "For Sale" sign on the lawn?

One of the coolest things about some of these antique homes is how well some have been cared for. Keep going for a look at ten homes for sale in Grand Junction right now that are all 100 years old or more.

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Every 100-Year-Old Home Is Different

It's like a game show or something. What's inside this 100-year-old home? Today, we'll check out ten homes that have stood in Grand Junction since 1922 or longer. Would you expect a 100-year-old home to come with a pool and a hot tub? Keep going to see the other surprises we found here in town.

Value Can Increase With Age

There is a beautiful home in Grand Junction that was built in 1913 over on B 1/2 Road. It sits on about 5 acres of land and includes a huge wrap-around porch with a front lawn gazebo. This one-hundred-and-ten-year-old house is listed for $1.2 million. See it inside and out in the gallery below.

Got A Favorite Old House in Fruita/Grand Junction?

Open our station app and tell us about a cool old house in Western Colorado that gets your attention whenever you go past it. We'd love to share it here. Keep going for a look at ten unique homes with historic value right here in the Grand Valley.

10 Colorado Homes For Sale That Are At Least 100 Years Old

Western Colorado is a fun place to hunt for houses. There are so many hidden gems right here in Grand Junction that you just never know what you'll find. Keep going to take a look at the classics. We're checking out 10 homes that are all 100 years old or more and available for sale right now in Western Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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