Welcome Week at Ball State University proved especially welcoming for one particular freshman. This extremely lucky guy got a chance to shoot a basketball from half-court, and if he made it, he'd go to school for free (for one semester, anyway). He took his shot, and with 3,600 of his fellow students looking on, drained it, leading the crowd to erupt as he ran around the court, arms raised in exhilaration.

We tried to figure out what one semester's tuition at Ball State costs, but this PDF seems designed to confuse the hell out of the reader. It succeeded. So if you wanna do the math, go ahead. We'll just go ahead and guess that this kid just saved himself a big batch of money, which he can now use to pay for kegs for all his buddies. That's only fair.

(Okay, we're not that lazy. Over here, it appears that annual tuition is about $24,000 for out-of-state residents, which would mean the kid probably saved himself about $12K. If he's from Indiana, then he saved a little more than $4K. You can get a lot of Busch Light 30-racks for that.)

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