There are some people who like to follow behind deer and elk as they shed their antlers, but with a new measure passed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, doing that will cost you.

The concern is with the pressure being placed on the animals who are getting rid of their antlers when it gets cold and humans not far away collecting what they leave behind. The CPW has put fines in place to discourage the practice.

People generally follow behind and snatch these sheddings up in order to sell them, and it is this that is of concern to the CPW. FInes being put in place include a $50 fine as well as a surcharge of $18 per shed. For those who collect a large number of these things at one time, this could become very expensive.

If you also happen to be a hunter and you collect sheds, the cost becomes steeper. Hunters will be assessed a five-point penalty for each shed from their hunting and fishing privileges. 20 points would result in the loss of those privileges for up to five years.

Collecting these items will be allowed, but only after April 30.

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