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Colorado Mesa University's theatre department will present a live and socially distanced production of the musical Cabaret.

It's easy to think in terms of socially distancing the audience at a live production. Until now, I've never given thought to the need to socially distance the performers on stage. This introduces an interesting challenge.

According to a press release from the CMU theatre department, audience members will be socially distanced from other parties. Tickets for each night of performance are limited to 150. I'm familiar with Robinson Theatre at CMU, and by my count, the venue typically seats a little over 600. With that in mind, it seems the department has gone to extreme lengths to ensure social distancing protocols are observed.

What about the performers on stage?  According to CMU's press release, the play will be uniquely staged in such a way as to distance actors from one another as well. The production's director, Jessica Jackson, along with Scenic Designer Matt Schlief, have devised a way of showcasing the intimate mood and feel of the music while maintaining the required distancing.

This is going to be something to see. I performed in the pit orchestra for a production of Cabaret more than 30 years ago. If memory serves, the play consists of a fairly large cast. Insofar as the orchestra was concerned, we were pretty much sitting on each other's laps down in the pit.

Musical productions at CMU are excellent. I strongly encourage you to attend. "Cabaret" will run March 4 through 13, 2021. Tickets should be purchased in advance at coloradomesa.edu/tickets. More information can be found at coloradomesa.edu/arts/theatre/featured-event.

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