This may be the best commercial you didn't know you need to see.

What can you possibly say about this ad for Sizzler from 1991? Probably nothing because it will leave you speechless. Clocking in at nearly five minutes, the spot paints America as a grand place where everyone wants the best during a period in history the restaurant proudly declares where we're undergoing a "quiet revolution."

The ad boldly proclaims, "Sizzler for the '90s -- exactly what America wants." If you're not ready to run through a wall like a football player about to take the field at the Super Bowl after watching this commercial, you may just not be American and should be deported to a country where you can't get cookie-cutter steak in a place where sneeze guards are more rampant than seniors at the early bird special.

The ad resurfaced on social media on Wednesday for reasons that are unclear, but reasons for which we are grateful nonetheless. Take a watch and try not to stand up and singe the national anthem after you've finished. It's not easy.

Sizzler is the choice of America. That's not us saying it, either. That's the song in the commercial that you'll want to download. God bless America. And Sizzler.

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